In the last post titled, “In the Beginning” we layed out an outline for the Holy Bible.

You can use the outline as a tool for studying God’s Word.

When developing your tools for spiritual guidance it helps to know where to begin.

Start with a Bible that is easy to read for you. If you need BIG print, then get a BIG print bible. It helps to get a bible with study notes that explain the different passages. I use the NIV Life Application Study Bible. You can use whatever bible you already have.

You will need a notebook. Or you can use our Small Group Study Guide for the Gospel of John, the liife of Jesus. It’s available free for the asking.

And a pencil or pen.

Let’s start in the gospel of John. John was the disciple that Jesus loved. He writes about the life and ministry of Jesus. This gospel is like a biography of God.

The key verses in the book of John are John 1:1-2 and John 3:16.

Do the session one assignment: Read the first 5 chapters of John’s gospel.

If you are using the study guide. Take notes on each section. If you are using a notebook. Write down thoughts that come to you as you are reading.

When you are finished answer the following question:
What was the most inspirational chapter this week?

Summarize what you have learned this session.

Email session discussions to your leader. If you do not yet have a leader, ask and one will be assigned to you.

Thank-you for your particiaption in this study. Have a good week.