You might think this topic would be more appropriate for my accounting blog but bear with me a moment. We’ve all been taught to save for a rainy day and unlike money time cannot be set aside for future use or saved in a jar.  There are no “time” banks on every corner.

Time is a limited resource.

So then how am I able to say that I figured out how to buy time.

The bible tells us that exercise profits little. That “little” is the years that exercise can add to your life. This is physically speaking of course. Eternally that time won’t amount to a hill of beans unless you use it wisely.

So can you buy time? Maybe add a little to the end of your days? Maybe. But unlike money it won’t be available to you now and you won’t know exactly “how much” you’ve added. If it is one more day to love your family or one more hour to be with a friend wouldn’t it be worth a try. What do you have to lose? The increased oxygen will make you feel better so the quality of your life now will improve.