If we can see the lessons from dirt it will help us to be more compassionate with others.

You may or may not know that soil comes in layers called horizons. Each horizon has a letter associated with it. O-humus A-topsoil E-eluviation B-subsoil C-regolith R-bedrock.

These are very similar to the path to hell whether figurative or real. When a person gets dirty by sinning it starts out small. (humus is made up of debris such as leaves) This layer is sparse or thin and if the person keeps going down they soon find themselves in “topsoil”.  This is where the sinner thinks he is immune to the consequences of his choices. He can get “down and dirty” without hurting anyone. He justifies his actions with excuses. I deserve it. It’s only a little fun. Nobody will know. The topsoil is full of bugs (problems). Because once you lie you have to tell another lie to cover up the first lie. So you go even deeper. What happens is the topsoil is washed even deeper into the eluviation layer by water (rain). This is where the person convinces himself that he has come this far he may as well “go all the way”. Jump in. Get his feet wet. Test the waters. The water represents our emotions. The deeper you go into sin the harder it is to get out. This is when you are literally in “deep water”.

You may feel emotions of sorrow, grief, despair, depression, or regret. You may begin to panic and lose your sense of direction. And spiral even further downward into the subsoil. The subsoil is where all the “low life’s” live. You start hanging out with other people who are doing the same types of sins you are doing. It feels comfortable there because no one there will judge you for your actions. But remember that the prefix “sub” means “beneath” where you are suppose to be. This is not where God pictures you. It is not his plan for your life.

Remember the emotions are still running over you from above in all the layers you have been through. There is no rest for the wicked. By now there is a constant dripping, (feeling of guilt) because of what you are doing. You know it isn’t good for you. You are sure that your mother wouldn’t be proud of you for it. This is your conscience doing what it was designed to do, which is to make you feel uncomfortable in sin. So the battle rages between your desire to do what you know is right and your addiction to doing what is wrong. The further down you go into sin the denser the soil gets. By the time you hit the subsoil you may find yourself doing some pretty stupid things. Putting down others for not “enjoying” the activity with you. Judging the righteous as “holier than thou.” You begin to draw away from all of your old friends and spend more and more time with those who are “subpar”. This is “par” for the course. The direction you are going is downhill.

Before you know it, REGOLITH!

Regolith is  the layer of loose material covering the bedrock of the earth and moon, etc, comprising soil, sand, rock fragments, volcanic ash, glacial drift, etc.

This is a place of “loose morals.” This is like quicksand. You drift downward almost without knowing it. Pulling yourself out is more and more difficult nigh impossible. The sin is chuck full of vileness, harsh words, broken relationships, hard heartedness, cold mean spirited backlashes. It is a very thin layer just above the bedrock. You can’t treat people like this forever and get away with it. They will stop caring because you don’t care anymore. They will get tired of being abused by you. They will see you for what you have become, deep down dirty cold brutal mean. You may be feeling God forsaken.

Regolith is also called “mantle rock”. A mantle is a place where you are on your own. You will have to take responsibility for what you have done. But it will seem impossible because by now you will feel as if your hands are tied. You may even feel convinced that you will die if you give up your sin. You are blinded to the truth. You can’t see your way. You are bound by sin. It has it’s hold on you. It controls your every move. You wake up thinking about when you can have your next “fix” because “deep down you know you are broken”.

Then comes “bedrock”. The top of the bedrock is known as rockhead. It symbolizes how stubborn you are at this point. You become “stuck in your ways.” You keep on sinning more and more. If you’ve ever tried to dig a hole and hit bedrock you know that you’ve hit “rock bottom”. It is more difficult to pass through than any other layer. You are convinced that this is your lot in life. You may become “stone cold,” and unremorseful. There is a hardness of heart that is very difficult to penetrate.

The bible tells us that the wages of sin is death. And if you keep digging you will eventually come upon the core of the earth which is molten rock which symbolizes “hell.”

There is a lesson in all of this rock talk. Every person who takes this route ends up in the same place. The weight of each layer covers them to the point that it becomes difficult to pull themselves out of the muck and mire. (sin). Each day you make a choice about what you will do. Will you do right or will you do wrong? The choice is yours. Life or death. Righteousness or sin.

As for me and my house, we will trust the LORD.