Psalm 119 tells us the benefits and attributes of the WORD.

In Genesis one God “said,” “Let there be light.” The WORD was there at that very moment. It tells us so in John one.

For each letter in the alphabet there is a section in Psalm 119.

Each section expounds on the character of God that is the WORD.

In the very first section we learn that happiness comes from obeying and keeping His laws and statutes and from seeking Him with all of your heart.

There are mighty purposes of the WORD including Psalm 119:11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. God uses the WORD to keep us from sinning.

It is like a chemical reaction; we memorize the WORD and at just the right time the Holy Spirit in us brings it to our remembrance. The WORD becomes like the yeast of our faith. It helps it to grow.

This process creates a delight or joy that abounds beyond the bounds of our heart and bubbles over into our mouth and out our lips. So the second section ends with, “I will not neglect your WORD.” This is like a prophecy that comes true as you are reading. The more you are in the WORD the more the WORD is in you.

It becomes like a snowball rolling down a hill that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.