I prayed to God to open my spiritual eyes and ears to know the meaning of all the visions I am having.

He said, “It is like a radio that in not tuned in.  You will hear the meaning when you tune in to the right frequency.”

One of the visions I have had repeatedly is that the rocks on the front of the church stage turn to flowing water.

I told my community group about this vision and one asked, “Is it tears?”

I said, “I don’t know what it is.”

One said, “Ask God what it means.”

So this morning when I prayed I asked God, “I want to know the meaning of all the visions.”

He said, “The vision of the rocks turning to flowing water is “rivers of living waters.”

Then in my bible study this morning the thought for today was: “Many people today are in the midst of a great river of life but are dying of thirst because they do not dip down and take it.”

God is a god of details. He is alive and well and working in and through us. Let’s praise Him for his mercy and grace and thank Him for salvation.