The presence of God is in every one of us who knows Jesus as LORD and Savior. It is no small thing that the Holy Spirit dwells within. He is our strength and redeemer. My Redeemer lives.

My heart sings with joy from above at the knowledge of Jesus that the Holy Spirit imparts to me. By the presence of the Holy Spirit, I have an extra measure of longsuffering and patience. Grace perfects our faith.

Throughout our entire lives there will be times when what we want to do we do not do but what we do not want to do that is what we do. We know the call but how to perform it evades us. Because of this we find ourselves doing the very thing we do not want to do. I get this with complaining. I do not want to complain but rather thank God in every situation, but I hear my own mouth spewing wretched complaints about everything under the sun.

I walk through the valley. I am not afraid. With God I’m set free. With God, none shall harm me. With God.

LORD, grant me grace for my tongue today.

That the things that I say and think might be pleasant in your hearing. Be with me. Keep me from evil that I might not cause pain.

I long to see you in this day. Bless me and enlarge my territory. That your hand would be with me. In Jesus Christ.