God may choose to use us in the body of Christ, (His Church) for his purposes. Recently, I had two separate women call me to say they were leaving the church. I felt an immediate clenching of my chest, a stabbing pain, and then a sickening feeling overwhelmed me just at the thought of them leaving.

As I was speaking with them, both times, the Holy Spirit said, “Tell them you are a platelet in the body of Christ, in the vein of the Church.”

I didn’t even know what a platelet was. I thought it was the part of the blood that carried nutrients around to the various “vital organs.” This was my pride rearing its’ ugly head again.

Anyway, I told them I was just a little platelet. How little, I had no idea.

It turns out there are hundreds of thousands of platelets, they are very small disk shaped, and they don’t even have a nucleus. Their whole purpose in the blood is to cause clotting to prevent bleeding.

I was very excited to discover that I wasn’t’ as important as I thought I was but still vital to the “life” of the Church. You see bleeding to me was symbolic of losing church members. Our pastor told me that we indeed had lost 25 families who were forced to move away to find work or for other job related reasons.

Platelets cause clotting which is a sort of clumping of the blood cells. The clumping to me represented community groups and their vital function in the “life” of the church.

So now before God I sit astounded at his analogy. I am humbled yet refreshed. I am glad that I did what the Holy Spirit prompted me to do. That I was able to listen and hear their heart’s cry. That I had dedicated myself to be here for them if they should ever need a friend. Knowing full well that whether they stayed or left that God still had them in the palm of his hand and would place them under the wing of a pastor that could love and guide them in a way that they needed.