When you study your bible, it is important not to just write down the scripture but to take the time to contemplate it.  Because the Holy Spirit takes that time to convert that Word (which is Christ) into something that is capable of renewing your mind.  Some mornings you may even think that it will blow your mind.  Those are the mornings when you get the urge to get ahead of yourself, to read further. But I urge you to park yourself right there where that day’s study is and contemplate what it is you are reading.  You can read the verse in different versions, read the notes in your study bible, pray for understanding.  Let the Holy Spirit do his work in you so that you truly digest the Word. Taste every morsel of it.  Enjoy the nuances.  Who is speaking? Who are they speaking to? What are they saying?  Is there a cultural twist to it?  What is the context? The time you spend will be well spent because it is then that you come to know God and his purposes for this world, this church, and for you.

All things are possible with God.

He is able to save you and to keep you from falling. God be praised.

Thank-you, LORD, for each new day. Walk beside us through this day’s trials for we know that tribulations come.  Help us to understand the purpose of each one so that we can learn to stand strong in our faith, girded by our convictions of right, rejoicing in hope, mindful of your presence, renewed by your strength, and assured by your Holy Spirit.  May we be and do what you want us to.  Forgive us and cleanse us from sin. Guard our hearts and minds from evil.  Bring us unity.  Gather us together under the protection of your wing.  Light our path so that we know the Way and you, dear LORD. In Jesus’ name.