How precious are the babies we carry? Every single hair on their head is numbered. We are entrusted with their care. God chose us to be their parents. They start out so helpless. They need us to feed and dress them, to bathe and change them. What an awesome trust we’ve been given!

I just love that maternity blouse that reads “Precious Cargo!”

There may be times when we are given tough choices to make with regards to our children. It is then that we should seek the counsel of the Almighty. “Dear God, help me to do what is right! Help me to be a good parent all the days of my life. Help me to be wise in my choices regarding my children. Help me to walk in the light of your WORD, to lead them out to safety. Protect them, O LORD. Draw them close to you. Be to them an ever present help in times of trouble. May the care that I give and the way that I give it bring you honor. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”