How do we count the value of a day? Do we value it by the amount we purchased or sold? Or by the amount we contributed to a cause? Do we add up all the time and effort of all those who lived before us gave so we could celebrate our freedom? Or is it the amount we spent on fireworks? What are the criteria to be included in the calculation that definitively answers the question, “For what does the fourth count?”

For some it will be can we feed our children today? Or do we have a place to lie our heads at the end of the day? For others it will be a tower of beer cans and barbequed chicken bones, spent sparklers lying in disarray upon the ground, and watermelon rinds where flies gather.

What is the value of time spent with family and friends? Are some moments more valuable than others? Perhaps it is the day your grandchild took their first step? Or your precious daughter got married? You would count those moments as precious.  Or for you maybe the fourth is filled with bitter memories of years gone by when you lost a loved one or you yourself came out injured or maimed?

Whatever your circumstance the one thing we all have on the fourth is freedom. We have so many freedoms.

And in this time we honor those privileges of being American, let’s thank God for the priceless gift of His Son and all the countless fathers and mothers whose sons and daughters also died.

When adding up all the things let’s include intrinsic values of fortitude, righteousness, and service. Let’s count the time praising God and honoring one another above ourselves.  And while we are at it, let’s include the glory of God gained by all the answered prayers we’ve prayed today.

I would venture to guess that if we added these all up there wouldn’t be room enough to put the figures down. There wouldn’t be enough paper or ink, or computer memory to hold all that God has done to bring us to this day of celebration.